Literacy Research Symposium 3/16: Free Spot for A Lucky AIM-VA Blog Reader! Discounted in Va.

Expert research-to-practice daylong symposium will shed light on improving student results. Discounted for Virginia educators.

Teens Create Winning Assistive Technology App To Help Peers with Dyslexia Read Online

Inspired to help, Texas students created an app so that their peers with dyslexia would find text online easier to read.

5 Literacy-Boosting Tips, 18 Accessible Seuss Books Ready for "Read Across America Day"

AIM-VA's 18 new accessible Dr. Seuss books help to meet needs of learners with print disabilities so all students read together.

Thanks Bookshare! Converted Books From Print Increase Access To Literacy, Book Talks

Some students need alternatives to print. Waiting for accessible digital editions limits their participation in book talks.

Try "Accessible" Audiobooks to Celebrate The Chinese New Year When Printed Books Fail

Celebrate China and the Chinese Lunar New Year, the most widely celebrated holiday on earth with accessible audiobooks.

Understood's Free 100-Book Give-Away: Help For Parents to Empower A Child with Dyslexia

Intel Reader team leader and activist, Ben Foss,describes the stress of a dyslexic child with steps to these learners to thrive.

27 "Amazing Audiobooks" Can Enliven The Road to Literacy in 2015 for Struggling Teen Readers

Print disabilities require alternative formats like these audiobooks recommended by YALSA so readers can enjoy literature.

Free Webinar: Experts Help Teachers Make STEM Learning Accessible: Log In on Feb. 19!

Join Loudoun County's assistive technology experts for ideas, tips, tools and practices to support STEM when students struggle to learn.

Cool AT Tool, Programs Simplify + Read Aloud Text So Learners Stay Current with Curriculum Content

When struggling students can simplify and hear text, they can learn alongside same-age peers and join in academic conversations.

5 Video Shorts From Experts Point The Way to School Success for Dyslexic, Other Learners

These short videos are on-point when it comes to dyslexia, learning and attention disabilities, and accessible materials.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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