Literate Nation "Boot Camp" in Williamsburg Aims for Change to Aid Readers Who Struggle

Experts and advocates to work toward student literacy for all, including students with language and print disabilities.

30 Best Audio Recordings in 2014 Named by ALA'S Library Service for Children

Winning books in print with audio recordings support students who struggle to read.

"Googlers" Announce Drive Editors Are Newly Designed With Blind, Visually Impaired in Mind

History is made! Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms are designed for all, including blind and low-vision users.

Science-Loving HS Student with Dyslexia Loves to Learn with Accessible Chemistry Books

Inaccessible textbooks are out. Accessible text is in. Now, a sophomore with dyslexia enjoys high school chemistry.

Explore Secondary Reading Instruction in Content-Area Classes With Iris Center Resources

Web-based interactive modules reveal strategies, supports for high school students who struggle with content coursework.

Hank Zipzer: The TV Comedy-Drama About A Teen with Dyslexia Tapes Season Two

TV cast members sport British accents, but their messages about dyslexia are familiar on both sides of the pond.

Can Students Find Accessible Versions of Books in Print by Virginia Authors? Probably Not!

GMU's "Fall for the Book," Sept. 11-18, is a time to plead with authors in Metro DC for "accessible" versions of their books in print.

DCMP's Newest Science Video Series Extends Accessibility Options

An award-winning science program, animals wearing "crittercams," and 300 new captioned media titles help launch the school year.

14 Organizations Collaborate on Learning, Attention to Produce "Understood" Website for Parents

A new website is built on hopes that chosen resources, tools will personalize learning and improve attention.

Accessibility Features for PCs Assure That Info Reaches The Widest Possible Audience

Accessibility measures by Microsoft improve practice for teachers, students, and makers of all ages.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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