Dyslexia Success! A School's Preferred Technology Solutions For Students Who Struggle To Read

The AIM School shares strategies and software choices that drive grade-level content mastery for students with dyslexia.

Disney Research Opens Doors to Science Content With High Sensory Learning That Motivates

Explore the science curriculum with paper generators that work when students rub, touch, and slide.

Win a Specialized iPad App With Your Innovative Literacy Ideas for Preventing Summer Slide

Hurry! The TextHELP contest deadline for a reading and writing app is August 1 at 5 PM Eastern Time.

Mashable, The Connected Generation's Go-To Site, Uncovers Apps To Aid Students with Dyslexia

A team from Mashable, the web source for news/resources/fun, goes app-picking for students with dyslexia.

Beautiful! How Students with Dyslexia Use Technology to Show What They Know

See struggling readers with strong innate comprehension use alternatives to print as their means of expression.

Bravo to 2014 Winners Named as Finest Audio Books for Children, Teens, Young Adults

Audie Awards® 2014 identify best in spoken word entertainment for teens, young adults and children.

5 Reasons to Choose Audiobooks for Students With Dyslexia, Others

Learning Ally spells out the value of audiobooks, a free service for eligible students in the Commonwealth.

130 Apps Fire Up Kindergarten Learning, Engagement, Content

Matt B. Gomez is known for early learning technology integration that boosts content knowledge across the curriculum.

Author, Former Gamer Jason M. Hough: 5 Reasons Why Audiobooks Help Writers

Sci-Fi author Jason M. Hough's best advice: audiobooks are a dynamite way to improve writing. Learn why here.

Trolling for Apps? A Telecommunications Giant Offers Free, Paid SPED Choices

Sprint says expert advice helps it offer the best apps for special needs, plus some are free.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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