130 Apps Fire Up Kindergarten Learning, Engagement, Content

Matt B. Gomez is known for early learning technology integration that boosts content knowledge across the curriculum.

Author, Former Gamer Jason M. Hough: 5 Reasons Why Audiobooks Help Writers

Sci-Fi author Jason M. Hough's best advice: audiobooks are a dynamite way to improve writing. Learn why here.

Trolling for Apps? A Telecommunications Giant Offers Free, Paid SPED Choices

Sprint says expert advice helps it offer the best apps for special needs, plus some are free.

Finger Reader Could One Day Expand Accessibility for People Who Struggle to Read

Imagine a wearable mobile device worn as a ring that help users decipher printed text on signs, cards, and menus...

SPED Songbird's Ode To IEPs Is Highlight of IEP Resources for Staff, Parents

Writing IEPs is an emotional experience. Hear a SPED teacher describe it in the tradition of Virginia-born vocalist Patsy Cline.

3 Teachers Create Access to Instruction By Finding Student-Specific Starting Points

Student input helps to guide the next following steps when teachers individualize media, materials, and instructional approaches.

Free from AFB: Find Apps for Work, Note-taking, Helen Keller Resources for All Who Study Her

Free apps help students who are blind, visually impaired students. Helen Keller resources help all who study her life.

Pair Feature Films Based on Books With Accessible Text to Engage Learners, Build Literacy

Pair fiction in accessible formats with feature films to create an engaging on-ramp to reading!

Create Access By Turning The Smithsonian Institution's Written Treasures into Digital Docs

Smithsonian's accessible text comes from volunteers who make history come alive for readers who struggle by digitizing handwritten treasures.

Braille Resources Increase Access to Curriculum for Students Who Are in Transition from Print

Braille is an AIM-VA resource and the possible default literacy medium when students slowly or unexpectedly lose their sight.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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