"Ear Read" Those Clifford, The Big Red Dog Books? This Strategy Helps Dyslexics, Others

Reading many works by "Clifford" author/illustrator Norman Bridwell is easy when students are eligible for accessible digital editions.

"Hey — You're O.K. You'll Be Fine. Just Breathe!"

Kids wound up? Need to relax? Sign the words to the one-line refrain from the "Chillout" song by Ze Frank. It works.

9 Irresistible "Accessible Books in Print" Ideas to Delight Learners Who Struggle To Read

These books chosen by Anne-Marie Morey "speak" to struggling readers in a low-tech way.

Check Out Savvy "Parent" Websites for Students Who Struggle That Educators Can Love!

With the changing face of instruction for students with learning and attention difficulties, two parent resources fill an information gap.

Are You Helping Students with Dyslexia Get A's: Achievement, Accessibility, Accommodations, AT?

Individualized education program teams determine if struggling students need supports in order to interact with grade-level text.

Be Part of A "SpedTech" Share - Fest! Join Twitter on Dec. 9, to Give, Grab, Go!

Log on as a curator, collector, or learner to give and get best bets involving technology to support students with disabilities.

14+ Accessible Holiday Book, Film Favorites Are Full of Fun For All to Enjoy

Get to know offerings from these providers who help to define what "accessibility" means.

Do "Future Ready" School Districts Provide Students with Disabilities Accessible Books?

5/6 Virginia's school chiefs who signed a "Future Ready" pledge order AIM-VA's accessible materials for their print-disabled students.

Attend Interactive Training in the Commonwealth! Apple Points The Way to Special Needs Learning

Join a December training to customize iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac using accessibility features that help diverse learners succeed.

Mac's Voice, Dictation Upgrades Are Springboards for Students Who Struggle With Books in Print

Students using Apple's voice and dictation upgrades are poised for learning adventures missed when their books in print are barriers.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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