Win A Special Multi-Media Edition of "Bat Loves The Night" from The National Braille Press

This print/braille book comes with an audio CD, tactile bat image, and lesson plans. Enter to win.

26 Free Teaching Resources Boost Instruction for Learning Ally's Most Popular K-12 Audiobooks

Teaching resources are unveiled for Learning Ally's audiobooks that synchronize printed words as a human narrator reads aloud.

Get AT Know-How Virtually! The 4th Annual Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference Registration Is Open

This year's sessions on Nov, 5-7 will be broadcast twice: From noon to 1 PM and from 3PM to 4 PM.

A Look At Intelligence on Learning: It Is Not Fixed, "Smart" Is Local, Says A Writer-Reporter

Annie Murphy Paul studies intelligence on learning. Could her conclusions (coming) reshape educational expectations?

Print Disability? Try Book Trailers to Access Vocabulary, Grade-Level Content, Literature

John Schu'a favorite books and books trailers for 2014 are ready to cycle into your classroom.

Free, Rich Media, Multi-Touch Experiences Energize Biology Learning for High School Students

This interactive version of E.O. Wilson's biology content is breathtaking, tied to learning standards, and free!

See How "The Economist" Flows Text, Plus 7 Free Resources for Student Variability, Accessibility

These resources are friendly, free, and gets everyone thinking accommodations and learner preferences.

Infographics: A Better Way to Get Across The Need for Accessibility, Accommodations, AT, AIM?

Can infographics related to special needs explain accessibility, AT, AIM, and accommodations? Take a look.

Great Site: Awesome Resources for Dyslexia Awareness, Connected Educator Months

Sherri Turnquist offers incredible resources. She is a "connected educator" bubbling with SPED resources.

Bailey Is "US History Student of The Year" Thanks to Accessible Materials and AT Tools

Assessment, tech tools, accessible materials reverse struggles for a middle schooler who loves learning.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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