College of Education and Human Development

Grant Financial Support

Can I apply for this grant, but use the financial support for another doctoral program at Mason in special education or another field?
No. Applicants should make sure that this doctoral grant matches their career goals and doctoral path.

How much of the tuition is paid from the grant?
100% of the specific 65-credit program is paid from the grant. Whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, we have developed a financial package enabling the grant to cover 100% tuition.

Are there other types of financial support available through this grant?
Yes. We have financial support to offset or cover expenses for your attendance and participation in national conferences, purchase of textbooks, development of research materials, and a portion of living expenses. Refer to the grant's financial package for more information.

Must I work as a 10-hour per week or 20-hour per week Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) to be eligible for or accepted as a participant for this grant?
No. However, if you would like to increase professional experiences through working with one of the PIs or another faculty member as a GRA, that would do two things for you. First, you earn a modest salary (which increases your financial income). Second, GRA experiences are designed for you to "apprentice" with a faculty member who is conducting research so that you acquire knowledge and skills related to the design, development, implementation, and/or analyses of research.