College of Education and Human Development


Applicants must have or be able to commit to the following:

  • Have full certification in special education, general education, administration, or related service area
  • Completed a minimum three years of successful teaching experiences as fully-certified educator or related service personnel
  • Provide documentation of competence in serving students with school-aged (elementary and/or secondary) high-incidence disabilities who are culturally and linguistically diverse (service may be in any setting)
  • Commit to continued service in special education as a condition for accepting grant support
  • Provide documentation of emerging and/or documented evidence of leadership qualities
  • Certify commitment to complete the doctoral program within three (full-time) or four (part-time) years
  • Be eligible for immediate admittance to GMU PhD in Education and Human Development Programs (refer to eligibility requirements on Ā 

Additionally, we desire applications from:

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals from culturally diverse and/or traditionally underrepresented groups in doctoral programs
  • Individuals who desire full-time* immersion in the scholarly environment of this doctoral program

*Applicants who can complete the doctoral program on a full-time basis are desired. Applicants who can complete the program on a part-time basis are also eligible.