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The Kellar Institute for Human DisAbilities (KIHd) is an interdisciplinary campus-based organization focusing on improving the lives and productivity of children and adults with disabilities. KIHd combines the resources of the university with local, state, regional, national, public, and private sector agencies and organizations to develop products, services, and programs for persons with disabilities.

Day 1: Policy and Advocacy

Strand 1: Higher Education Opportunities Act

The Eligibility of Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary (CTP) Programs to Participate in Federal Student Aid Programs: The Process and Lesson Learned
David Bergeron, Judy Shanley, Barbara Murray, Rebecca Daley
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Student Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid
Jessica Finkel, Judy Shanley, Holly Anderson
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Strand 2: State Systems Change & Partnerships

State Systems Change (part I)
Stephanie Smith Lee, Donald Bailey, Anne Iriel

State Systems Change (part II)
George Jesien, Elise McMillan, Olivia Raynor
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Building State Partnerships
Madeleine Will, Charlotte Temple, Samantha Marsh, Dana Yarbrough
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Strand 3: IHE Systems Coordination & Partnerships

Collaboration with teacher preparation programs
Michael Behrmann, Suri Raut, Caroline Everington, Debra Leach, Kathleen Miller
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Program Administration Issues
William Behre, Molly Boyle, Robert (Pete) Flexer
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Strand 4: Self-Advocacy and Person-Centered Planning

Self-determination & Person -Centered Planning (Part 1)
Michael Wehmeyer, Colleen Thoma, Rick Blumberg, Brian Denser
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Self-determination Person -Centered Planning (Part 2)
Jennifer Johnson, Heidi Graff, Jeanne Holden & Jenny Holden , Cate Weir
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Karen Ingram, Darryl Gray, Aliza Claire Bible, Andrew Sinclair, Rafael Garcia

Strand 5: Transition to College and Employment

Transition to College
Marlene Simon- Burroughs, Jerry Petroff, Liz Getzel
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Changing Role of Family
Kudy Giwa Lawal, Eleanor Voldish, Julie Sinclair, Sharon Sanders
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Transition to Employment
David Test, David Mank, Patricia Gill

Day 2: Research and Practice

Strand 1: Academic

Universal design for learning in post secondary education
Ricki Sabia, Elizabeth Dalton, Fran Smith & Kelly Ligon
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Engaging and Supporting Faculty
Bobert Stodden, Rick Blumberg, Cynthia May
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Student Access and Success
Elizabeth Greczek, Susan Onaitis, Kelly Kelley, Aaron Hoefs
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Strand 2: Social Life, Independent Living & Community Engagement

Social and Community Inclusion
George Jesien, Courtney Moffat, Aliza Claire Bible, Tammy Day
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Models of Inclusive Housing
George Jesien, Kaitlin Zura, Sharon Sanders
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Promoting Independent Living
Olivia Raynor, Crystal Makowski, Susan Corse-Adams, Jeff Ross

Strand 3: Employment

Employment (part I)
Robert Taishoff, Bill Silverman, Laura Lee, Jen Labbe
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Employment (part II)
David Johnson, Sue Onaitis, Ann Lindsey
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Resource Mapping and Blending Resources
Laverida Roach, Margo Izzo, Cassandra Shoffler
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Strand 4: Research & Evaluation

Follow-up to 2009 State of the Science Conference
Dawn Carlson, Colleen Thoma, Mary McEathron
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Program Outcomes and Measuring Student Progress
David Mank, Michael Wehmeyer, Rebecca Daley
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Think College Standards, Quality Indicators, & Benchmarks
Michael Behrmann, Meg Grigal, Debra Hart, Parent respondent: Phil Pedlikin

Strand 5: Future Planning, Model Demos; Coordinating Center

Coordinating Center & Model Demo Plans (Part I)
Debra Hart and Meg Grigal, Dana Yarbrough, Jordan Knab
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Continued model demo presentations (part II)
Jennifer Sandler, Eric Latham, Alisa Lowrey, Carolyn Tellalian
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Model Demos Part 3
Robert Stodden, Jeff Brandford, Elizabeth Fussell, Janet E. Green
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