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About Us

The Kellar Institute for Human DisAbilities (KIHd) is an interdisciplinary campus-based organization focusing on improving the lives and productivity of children and adults with disabilities. KIHd combines the resources of the university with local, state, regional, national, public, and private sector agencies and organizations to develop products, services, and programs for persons with disabilities.


Advancing Special education Pedagogy, Innovation, and Research toward Effective interventions

Five full-time scholars will be recruited to complete the ASPIRE special education doctoral program. The focus is on technology in teacher preparation and research for students with high-incidence disabilities. ASPIRE prepares scholars for higher education faculty positions to Advance Special education Pedagogy, Innovation, and Research toward Effective interventions.

ASPIRE scholars receive full tuition, fellowships, conference travel, and research funding from a U.S. Department of Education (OSEP) grant awarded to Dr. Peggy King-Sears and Dr. Anya Evmenova:

Co-Principal Investigators (PIs) for ASPIRE:

ASPIRE scholars will participate in frequent support seminars and research agenda guidance from a diverse Advisory Committee. Through partnerships with five high-need school systems and schools in Virginia and Washington D.C. as well as national internships, ASPIRE scholars hone research and teaching skills for pre- and in-service educators serving students with high-incidence disabilities.

Coursework is offered at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus. Courses begin Spring, Summer, or Fall 2021. All applicants must be accepted into the College of Education and Human Development’s PhD program. PhD applications are due October 1st, 2020   

Please review the ASPIRE comprehensive information on this web site. For questions after reviewing content on this web site, contact one of the Co-Principal Investigators via email.